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Exotic Aquatic Aquarium 

Aquarium & Pond Design, Installation & Service

We thrive to provide the best services for any type of aquatic feature. 

Since 2004 we have expanded throughout 5 states and now we are proud to bring our excellent services and competitive prices right here to serve South Florida. 

Servicing Aquariums and other water features:

We take pride in our work which has been involved with nearly every type of industry and person. We are very proud that we have been chosen to work with and for  museums, public aquariums as well as televisions shows. What we are best known for is no matter what your status is, we treat everyone the same. We have also  been known for our gracious donations to schools and senior living facilities. 





We are the premier aquarium service company for South Florida, NY, NJ, CT and MA. We provide free consultations and fully insured for both private and commercial properties as well. Besides service / maintenance we also offer:

Complete setups


Scratch removals


Fish sitting

Relocations / moves

Diagnosing and medicating

Design or redesign

Aqua gardening

Reptile enclosures

Pond design, installation and service

Fountain repairs

Pressure washing

Consignment sales

Snow birds / temp residents programs as well


We accept all major credit cards and special requests on fish or coral orders. We are the company that will find that rare or hard to find specimen for you. We are also available for pond and other water gfeatures as well. 



Our goal is to provide the best experience in your aquatic wants and needs. We also offer incentives to our clients that no other company offers. Now we can continue to write alot here but we let our actions and reputation speak for itself. So if you would like to make an appointment feel free to call us at any time or send us an email to exoticaquaticsny@aol.com for Florida or reefshops@gmail for our other states that we cover.   






Coming coming soon our online store.


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